Gaining Exposure.

One of the toughest thing to do being an entrepreneur venturing into any business,traditional or alternative, is letting people know you are there. Getting exposure and creating awareness is one of the toughest things to achieve. 
Every new business finds a market with other businesses competing for the same market space. You may have a unique product or service on sale but if no one knows you exist then no one will buy from you. The biggest mistake that we make as young entrepreneurs is thinking that our ideas are so out of the box that people will simply just walk up to us and buy into our businesses. People are afraid of new things so it is up to you to show them why they should choose your product over what they are traditionally used to.

A few posts ago I wrote about being a member of a certain group. As a mushrooming young group we have found certain ways of gaining exposure and we are making tremendous steps.

  • Get involved in ventures outside your specialty.

Our group is purely investment, however we have been involved in other activities such as helping out sports teams gain poouparity. By helping them out we get exposed to the players and their fans who before then did not know about us. To grow your potential customer base get involved with other activities outside your ‘area’ . This gives you popularity in all fields.

  • Do community work.

Community and volunteer work is one of the most effective ways to get exposed to potential consumers of your products and services. By being involved with activities that affect whole communities you gain favor not only with that community, but also with others not directly affected by your involvement.

  • Participate in business forums.

Commenting, sharing and even putting likes on business discussion forums may seem like a really pathetic way to get exposed but it works. Once you become a vocal member participating on discussions on business forums and all you become a part of the process and people will look for you.

The methods to gaining exposure are numerous and extensive. I will keep updating them.

In the mean time try any or all of the above tested ways and see your small venture gather interest and attract customers.


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