Expand your mind.

I was walking by a retail store today. A decent store in terms of size and stock, and I thought to myself, is the owner satisfied with having just the one store or is it that the business is that bad?
Most of the times we get satisfied with meeting bare minimums, but thinking about it, that makes the difference between succeeding and just being mediocre.

One of my friends likes to talk about Richard Branson, I think that is his mentor. Branson is the founder of the virgin group which is worth around 5.2 billion dollars. Virgin group controls over 400 companies.

 Pause. 400 companies!

You would think that all those companies would weigh down someone, maybe counteract each other and cause losses. But they don’t.

Having one venture is good, it offers comfort and security. But taking risks and venturing into many different fields just might be the big move you need to pass that break even point. 

Expanding your mind to widen your scope of things is what any young entrepreneur needs. 

Are you thinking of starting an agricultural venture? Perhaps horticulture? A salad bar would go well with that. Perhaps you could package your product and make direct sales. A sales network would go well with that. 

Keep redefining how traditional ventures are done. Do one more than what everyone else is doing, so you will always be ahead of everyone else.


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