Stay busy.

I have this one problem of sometimes feeling that I am not doing enough always, to get to where I want to be. As a young person in college and all, there is not a lot of things you can get into to gain self fullfillment. You can not get a pearmanent job when you are in school two months after you are employed. So what do you do to get that feeling of “yes I am on my way there.”

There are so many traditional jobs that you could get into. But being different is the order of the day for any new age entrepreneur. And there is a way you can make money and gain self fulfilment without all that much hustle.

Go online.

We are living in an era where the world is a ‘village’ . Make it your village. I went online a few days ago and there are so many thing to do and get paid over there. I was suprised to see you can actually legitimately get paid to listen and comment on music! Find an online hustle to help you feel you are working toward achieving that dream.

Writting is one of the ways you can achieve both things. It does it for me, I feel so much more accomplished on days that I write, than when I don’t. Start a blog about the things you love, write your heart out. If you are not into sharing personal thoughts then find a writting portal where you will get paid to write articles or do research for others.

Film is also a way you can make money and find fulfillment. In this age visual art is at the center of everyone’s mind. You can delve into making short films or sharing pictures. Maybe even move to the next level with that film career. 

There are so many things you could do online to make money and at the same time find fulfillment and motivation to forge ahead. If doing it virtually does not do it for you then you can always get a temporary job or volunteer to stay busy.


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