Stay psyched.

Keeping yourself motivated is one of the few things you need as an entrepreneur. Personally I have struggles staying psyched about being entrepreneuring and keeping focus on the larger picture. We are human and it is only normal that our moods and feelings keep changing. You never wake up the same way you went to bed by default. But being an entrepreneur means you have to have and keep a certain attitude towards life every single day. I found that always smilling keeps me positive for days on end. Some other few things also have that same effect.

  • Music.

This is probably the easiest way to change your mood to a brighter one even on the darkest day. Music did it for King Saul. Music did it for God! Everyone has that one genre of music that does it for them, maybe even a particular song. Finding that beat to keep you positive will go a long way to helping you achieve greater things every day. My personal favourite is kikuyu folk songs but I’m not courageous enough to have a playlist on my phone, yet!

  • Other people.

Some of us are introverts, some of us are extroverts. However you choose to define yourself, talking to another human being can be very influential to how you feel. Find people that evoke a smile, people that change how you feel, people that motivate you to feel different.

  • Pets.

Animals have a similar effect to other people. I know they can’t talk, but they make you feel motivated because they look up to you. Some are dog people, some are cat people. And then there is all other sort of pets that people keep. Whichever animal makes you feel good find one. Keep it and be motivated every day when you interact with them. And do not forget to feed them, or they will run away.

  • Ornaments.

This is a weird one but it works. I find that whenever I wear a ring or bangle I am instantly more confident than before. For some reason wearing a chain makes you feel much more brighter than without one. I am still working on why. 

Just try it and see what I’m talking about.


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