Birds of a feather.

We live in a constantly changing economic and business world. I may not be the sharpest business mind out here but one thing I believe is thinking outside the lines is the big thing right now. Traditional businesses and ideas have been done over and over again. If you cannot stand out then the chances of moving to the next level are next to none. But you can always stand out by being different all together.

I have the chance of being part of a group of young entrepreneurs and I feel that we are about to do something major. The biggest problem with managing a group is ussually finances. Raising capital to undertake projects is ussually the biggest setback. Most banks will not fund a startup group because of money insecurity and even funds set for youth enterprise want to see a working account to part with cheques. What to do now?

This is where innovation comes in, one brilliant mind thought of selling unlisted shares to speed up revenue collection and propel us towards starting our first project. Over one night our math is looking to more than double! I think this is just one example of how thinking outside the lines can jump you up to the next level.

Organisation and coordination is important to succeed in the current world. Instead of working against each other, coming together and innovating together benefits one and all. It is very easy to gain access to offices and services in the name of an organisation rather than as an individual. I have seen the power of numbers and I would encourage any young entrepreneuring mind out there to join a group. It may seem to beat the purpose of making money but in the long run it helps you finance your ideas conveniently, grows your mind and benefits the larger community.

Because I have a lot of belief in this group venture I am about to buy so many shares, but do not tell anyone.


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