Small beginnings.

Everybody wants to be rich. Everybody wants to be a millionaire, a billionaire perhaps you have ambitions to even be the first trillionaire, if there is such a thing. But as a wise entrepreneur once said to a crowd of us ’employment will not make you rich’. It does not matter how high profile your employment position is, you will never be richer than your employer.

This blog is for those who wish to employ rather than be employed. Creating jobs means creating money. Personally I think rich people know nothing except how to make other peoples skills and knowledge work for them. Consider this, a primary school drop out becomes a multi millionaire while a university graduate tarmacs for ten years and eventually ends up in a job paying fifty thousand (Kenyan shillings) a month. How does that happen?

It all starts in the mind. Perception is key. You are what you see yourself as. It starts with a change of mind and attitude. It starts with knowing that Rome was not built in a day. It starts with knowing that the journey to success is not for those unwilling to make sacrifices and take risks.

Knowing what you want to achieve and being set for the tough journey ahead is something you have to find in yourself. Once you find that spark in you then you are well on your way to beating the odds. 

A long journey starts with a single step.

Some wise words though before you start walking. If you want to go fast, walk alone. But if you want to go far, walk with others.


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