Redefine yourself.

Vehicles are one of my favorite things, albeit I am yet to acquire one for now. I love vehicles because no matter how old they get there is always that chance that they can be remastered and tagged vintage. 

In an economy as tough as the kenyan one, redefining yourself to stand out from all other “vehicles” is key.

A few years ago I wanted to go through my education just like every other regular student in Kenya. However, two years into campus I started noticing that we are all doing the same thing. Which means we are all expecting the same result, which in turn means that after graduation there will be a whole lot of mes’ out there in the job market. What to do now?

In campus, unless you are lucky to have heavy pockets, after all expenses have been deducted, and yes I have factored in booze, there is nothing left to invest and even sometimes save. Or is there?

I had the chance to read somewhere that: There is never too little of something buy into the little that limited amount can get rather than lose out altogether.

 So I started redefining myself. In my next post I will share my progress so far. The journey continues.


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